Can we feed the world without killing it? yes and we can make it better then ever

With all this doom and gloom about global warming and climate changed there is still hope.  This hope does not come from the point of a politicians pen or from a technology to spray the atmosphere with carbon absorbing chemicals, it comes from the farm.  This last vestige of hope this last community that can save us will be the true farmers that combine the old with the new, think out side the box and put their hearts into the land.

In 2010 I saw the documentary “Food Inc” for the first time, at the heart of the movie is Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm. I was intrigued buy the idea to go back to older farming methods and blend them with modern technology I looked Joel’s Farm up and found that the PolyFace visitor policy was that the farm was open at all times. I took Joel up on this, and one early fall Saturday I drove out to the Shenandoah Valley to his pristine farm that him and his family have been practicing rejuvenating agriculture on now for 3 generations.  When I arrived at Polyface, Joel came up and greeted me, I told him I was here to walk around just like you claim on your website, he said “I’m busy right now but feel free to go where ever you like.” I was later able to talk to Joel’s son Daniel who runs the farm now and it was quick to see Salitins were great people and 100% farmers. I would not be on the path I am today if I did not visit his farm.

Happy new year

Its a new year crazy to think its 2016, closing in on two years here on the farm.  The amount I have learned about farming, animals and myself has been immense truly hard to explain in words. Lets hope for a peaceful and spiritually prosperous 2016.