“you love being a farmer”

FullSizeRender (8)Farming; many think of it as rows of corn and green tractors, maybe a country song or a funny cartoon. To the farmer, to the true steward of the land, it’s the fertile dirt under his nails after planting tomato plants late into the night, a sack of feed across her back as she walks to the animals as the sun breaks the horizon and spreads its golden rays across a pasture. It’s a child eating a giant tomato right off the plant, It’s the confident demeanor of a rooster as he leaves the coop to sacrifice himself to a predator. Its watching a new born calf take its first breaths as its mother curls her head around it and nudges it to suckle for the first time, it’s a tree giving everything it can to heat your family through a long winter. Its seeing the Earth smile as you heal your small patch of land. It’s giving more than you take, having faith in yourself and in your land, its farming.


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